Make the Room Stand Out with Curtains

Picking out curtains or any window coverings is not the easiest part of decorating your home. Do you want them to stand out and be a focal point or just to accentuate your beautiful windows? Do you need them to plt out the light like you would in the bedroom or do you want them light and airy? Once you have that figured out now it is time to go shopping. But before you put done your hard earned cash there are a few more things you need to decide on first.


First, what color do you want? You need to select a set of curtains that go with the rest of your room. First, match the color to the walls since that’s what you’ll see the curtains up against. Go with something that either compliments the walls or contrasts with them if you want to make a bold statement. If you’re going with a contrasting color, you may want to match your curtains more to your furniture or to your carpet. Selecting a contrasting curtain color that goes with your furniture can create a very interesting combination and look really good.  Here is some help picking the right colored curtains.

If you select curtains that have a pattern to them, make sure that pattern looks good in the room. If you have wallpaper with a pattern in it, you’ll want the curtains to match or, at the very least, not clash horribly. Again, look for patterns that go with your furniture, rugs, and other décor so that your curtains won’t look out of place.


Thickness is something else you’ll want to consider. If you want the room to look light and airy but don’t want to have to open the curtains every day, you might want curtains that are somewhat see-through. If you’re going to open and close the curtains each day, then you might want heavier curtains. Likewise, if you are looking for curtains for your bedroom and you’re a late sleeper, you’re going to want very heavy curtains that block out the sunlight. Lighter curtains will let in light, waking you up earlier.


But do you want functional curtains? Some people buy curtains with decoration in mind, not actual use. For these people, the curtains may always be open or tied off to the side. If you want decorative curtains, you don’t need to really consider use. Instead, you’ll just want to keep color and pattern in mind. If you’re not going to close the curtains or need them to block out light, you have many more options.

You also need to take into account the current hardware you have up on the walls. If you don’t want to replace curtain rods and other mounting items, you will want to select curtains that can use the same rods that you already have up.

Hottest Trends for the Baby Room

The year 2018 could be gifting you with a new baby, you never know. It’s very difficult decorating a new baby room especially if you have never done it before. You have a lot of questions to answer, like what kind of furniture is needed and so on. You need not worry since this year’s trends are what you need. Here are hottest trends for the baby room this fall.

1. Pottery and ceramics – ceramics have slowly been making statements in every room they have made, whether functional or just aesthetic, they help tie the room and make it look beautiful. You can use ceramics to store toys, bookshelves or even for hiding trash.

2. Pendants – these days, no designer is leaving any stone un-turned which means beautifying your ceiling. The pendant you choose will change everything in your room, so try and pick something you love. You can try something structured or very pretty.

3. Geometry – as weird as it may sound, geometry is today showing up everywhere in nurseries. It will avoid the room being very mushy or becoming like cotton candy.  Adding wall papers or art with a few geometric influences will help the baby’s room become clean, modern and also fresh.

4. Work with no rules – When you know you are expecting a baby, you get to experience a lot of stress and also becomes overwhelming, so its advised to step back and just breathe. Choosing decors or even preparing your baby’s room is supposed to be fun, not stressful. To avoid any stress, choose things you love and don’t look at the rules which guys say are supposed to be followed. It’s actually one of this year’s trends.

5. Cribs – they are the attraction of the room. From Alto crib to the Gradient crib, manufacturers have become very bold in creating cribs. They were only interested in wallpapers and walls but they are now focusing on bold designs for the crib also.

6. Neutrals – they are very calm, clean and most of all here to stay. The fall trends for this year also have neutrals through textures and not just paint. You can try natural wood which has become very popular and plus you can also add rugs, furniture and wallpaper to make it even better.

Modern designs will continue making a come back when it comes to your baby’s room. The styles of furniture have been trending because of their modern designs but its the first time that it is now showing in nurseries.

Who Are We?

Jess Chamberlain is a freelance design & lifestyle writer/editor/curator specializing in eco-friendly innovations, artisanal products, West Coast makers, and people living in unconventional environments. Fascinated by human nature, Jess is always on the hunt for people with unique and inspiring stories, believing strongly in the power of reporting and the responsibility of journalists to inspire smarter, healthier, low-impact living.

Obsessed with reinvented materials, the sharing economy, and locavore everything, Jess is most passionate about making the connection between environmental choices and personal health. She also likes to pretend she’s a photographer.

Jess is a contributing editor for Sunset magazine. Her work has also appeared in San Francisco magazine, Anthology magazine, and Lonny. She has been a guest curator for Design*Sponge, Etsy, Airbnb, and The Beholder. Her stories have also been featured in The Huffington Post, The San Francisco Chronicle, Apartment Therapy, YahooShine, and USA Today. One piece Jess is particularly proud of is her 2011 article for Sunset entitled “The Zero-Waste Home,” which garnered more reader feedback than any single story in the history of the publication and sparked a national dialogue about consumerism in America.

She has been a featured speaker at conferences like Altitude Design Summit and has appeared on national broadcast programs, most notably The Today Show.

Often on the road, Jess loves exploring cities/neighborhoods/spaces/wilderness, always hunting down expertly curated independent design shops and boutique hotels as well as discovering the next local tastemaker and the best nano coffee-bean roastery (her drug of choice). She relishes being in remote destinations that are out of cell phone range (and sometimes just pretends it is). Due to her often out-of-the-office schedule, Jess has become an accidental travel writer and considers herself addicted to Instagram.

Erin Gainey

Erin is currently serving as co-founder and President of The Seattle Design Foundation with an eye toward community engagement and education. Erin originally found personal reward in this field when she created The Adventure Store in 2010, a retail extension of the event planning brand, with the aim of providing a platform for local designers to showcase their work.

She sits on the board of Maureen Whiting Dance Company and freelances as a literary editor under Elemeno Press, LLC. Erin was born and raised in Seattle, where she now lives, and dreams often of ceramic arts.

Ann DeOtte Kaufman

Ann DeOtte Kaufman is the owner of Iva Jean and a freelance marketing enthusiast in Seattle, WA. A bit of a Swiss Army Knife – entrepreneur, marketing professional, designer, bike rider, and sun seeker – she approaches each opportunity with a broad perspective.

Ann started Iva Jean to inspire women to get on a bike and ride with the style and confidence they bring to every other aspect of their lives, whether commuting to work or cruising around town. Ann pulls inspiration from the urban landscape and her personal experiences biking to build a collection of fashionable and functional women’s bike clothing. All garments are produced in Seattle, WA, to support fair labor, the local economy and a thriving community of design and manufacturing in the Pacific Northwest.

As a freelance marketing and creative professional, Ann is dedicated to providing fashion and design clients with the vision, insight and resources to tell their story and engage consumers. Working with passionate clients, I bring their goals and aspirations to life through marketing research, analysis, strategy, planning and implementation.

Ann and her work have been featured in Huffington Post, Fast Company, PSFK, Daily Candy, Elle Finland, Sunset, Seattle Met, Trend Hunter and Cup of Jo.

Cassandra LaValle

Cassandra LaValle is the Founder and Creative Director of coco+kelley where she explores trends in fashion, decor and entertaining, highlighting pieces that exude classic design and glamour. As a designer, she consults clients across the globe on styling their homes and private events from her offices in Seattle.

Brian Paquette

My mark as a creative is built up of all the experiences I’ve had, all the places I’ve seen, all the people I’ve met and I carry that with me everywhere I go. When I started Brian Paquette Interiors a little over four years ago, I wanted to challenge the normal aesthetic associated with an interiors firm, what we did, who our clients were and where our ideas came from. I have had the absolute blessing to work on very traditional home settings that echo my upbringing on the east coast to very minimal spaces that bring to mind a more modern, sparse or time worn look.

Walking into a space and feeling a connection on a deeper level than just surface comfort or visual pleasure. Seeing a shade of blue that reminded my what the beach looked like in early spring in Newport, a fabric on a sofa that looked like something my blazer in prep school would be made of, or just the lighting that brought me back to waking up in a yurt on the Oregon coast. This is what moves me as a designer, this is what I wake up for.

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