6 Fun Ways To make Your Living Room Pop

The living room is the soul of home- it sees it fair share of heartache, laughter, and tender moments. However, it’s also one of the rooms that get pushed aside in terms of decoration, as most home owners focus on the improvement of their bedrooms and kitchens. If you’re trying to give your living room a needed update, here are a few great solutions of simple ways to make your living room pop- without breaking the bank or starting a renovation project.

Throw pillows.

Give your living room a touch of pillowy-soft comfort by investing in a few throw pillows for the couch, arm chair,  or loveseat. Throw pillows are great options because they are inexpensive and versatile. They come in all shapes and sizes, are available in a variety of colors and patterns, and can even be mixed and matched to fit a color scheme- not to mention they’re great for cat naps on the couch and stored away within seconds if the need arises.

Coffee table centerpieces.

Coffee tables are functional and common, but they can also be stylish. Like a kitchen table, coffee tables can be decked out with unique centerpieces to offer the living room a touch of interest. Some good centerpieces include candles, gemstones, metal accessories, and old-fashioned pottery. To further add intrigue to the coffee table area, consider switching your wood table for a stone or animal-shaped table.

Area rugs.

Not only do area rugs protect your carpets and floors from spills, they also give your home a hint of style. Area rugs, like throw pillows, can be purchased in a host of different sizes, patterns, colors, and fabrics. Some rugs are fluffy and soft while others are more functional and are made using stiffer fibers.

Shelving decor.

A well decorate shelf can go a long way. Nothing looks better than a shelf that is used to tastefully display fun items. This being said, though, shelves should never be overcrowded and there should be even space between each item. Decorate your extra shelves with picture frames, statues, antiques, and quirky figures to give your living room a focal point and open up conversation.


Mirrors are often used to make spaces look bigger. They can also be used, however, to decorate. Mirrors can be purchased at home decoration and department stores for very little. They come in various shapes and sizes and can be placed between other wall decor items without taking too much attention away from the surrounding pieces. They’re also handy for double checking your hair before you leave the house!


Whether they’re fake or live, plants and greenery are perfect for sprucing up your living space. A few green accents are guaranteed to draw the eye and are pleasing to look at. Plain green plants such as crawling vines, bright flowers, and succulents all look good. Each one provides a slightly different atmosphere, and when paired together or thoughtfully coordinated, they can change the mood of any room.

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