7 Great Bathroom Design Tips

Bathrooms are important. In them, we conduct all measures of personal business and, unfortunately, we also tend to neglect our bathroom when we renovate or decorate our homes.

If you want your bathroom to be just as luxurious as your living room, keep reading.

Add greenery.

If your bathroom is classically white, spruce it up with a houseplant or two.

If you lack room, opt for a hanging plant or a small, potted plant that can sit on the counter or on the shelf behind the toilet.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a green thumb – there’s nothing wrong with artificial house plants.

Introduce a touch of metallics.

Metallics are a great way to spruce up your bathroom. Opting for a mirror with a metallic gold or silver finish, or a set of metallic drawer pulls can do wonders for a simple bathroom.

The benefit of this is that these tiny touches of color won’t take away from the crisp, clean appearance of your bathroom.

Update your hardware.

Bathrooms in old houses often boast outdated hardware (faucets, to be more specific). To give your bathroom a quick update, invest in a new faucet.

There are tons of great, modern options on the market and, in general, faucets are one of the least expensive bathroom updates.

Install floating shelves.

There’s nothing more modern than floating shelves. They have a sleek, stylish appearance and are incredibly functional, which makes them a two-for-one update.

Since floating shelves have installation hardware that goes unseen, they can be placed close together and are good for creating ample shelving space.

Get some decorative towels.

Yes, towels are supposed to be functional – but they can also be purely decorational. Decorative towels are towels that you purchase with the intent of placing them in your bathroom, folded and neat, to enhance its appearance.

They come in a wide array of colors, styles, patterns, sizes, and textures, so you can really have fun choosing decorative towels.

Install bold light fixtures.

Gone are the days of modest light bulbs. If you want to give your bathroom an instant upgrade, install a bold lighting fixture.

Opt for a large fixture in the center of the room, or multiple smaller fixtures on the walls and/or above the sink. Get creative!

Get creative with tiles.

Traditional bathroom tiles can be boring. So instead of working around them, change them! Install floor, shower, and back splash tiles that go against the standard, clean-cut rectangular tiles.

Use tiles that have unique shapes and interesting patterns. For an even more interesting look, mix and match similar tile styles in various parts of the room.

Use colorful accents.

If your bathroom has a neutral color scheme,liven it up with splashes of color.

Decide on an accent color that works well in the room and find decor pieces that feature the accent color. These can include rugs, towels, flowers, shower curtains, and window shades.

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