Affordable Online Stores to Buy Wall Art

Wall art is a popular and stylish way to update old, boring rooms that are in need of a change. However, wall art can also be pricey- especially if its purchased in a physical store, from a gallery, or from a website that charges hefty shipping fees. Luckily, to make up for the amount of expensive places, there are a number of affordable websites in which to purchase wall art. Here are a few.


Society6 offers a variety of inexpensive, whimsical art prints, making it great for those who like to change their wall art on a regular basis. The website offers prints that include funny sayings, deep quotes, florals, watercolor, nature scenes, and creative abstracts. Prices start as cheap as $20, offering both quality and affordability.


Founded by a Swedish artist, Artfinder set up shop in London in 2013 and has since been providing art enthusiasts with stylish wall art. The website offers wall art of every medium and in nearly every style known to man from watercolor to still-life. Each piece is signed by its artist and prices start at a mere $25.

Deviant Art

Deviant Art is best known for hosting a society of art lovers and creators, allowing them to share their work and be inspired. It can also be used to buy wall art for a reasonably affordable price. For original works, prices start as $50 and come framed. Styles on the website are generally whimsical, surreal, and  very creative.


For people who love having options, Etsy is the ideal place to purchase new art. Etsy is home to hundreds of unique art stores hosted by independent sellers and artists who are eager to make a sale. Prices are reasonable, but shipping can be costly, so it’s important to pay attention to the store’s shipping rates and policy when making a decision. Artists on Etsy dabble in virtually every style including digital art, ink, and mixed media.


Light In The Box is an online store that supplies its customers with high quality wall art including oil paintings, prints, and framed photos. The website hosts frequent sales and changes its sale items regularly. Prices start at $10, ensuring that someone on even the smallest of budgets is able to find their new favorite piece of art.


iCanvas is an online art shop who offers affordable art starting at $30. The website offers a variety of styles and gives buyers the option of whether they want their art piece framed or not. iCanvas sells prints, digital art, paintings, posters, and professionally taken photographs. The website is organized to segregate their art by size, color, style, and subject, making it easy to find your ideal piece of wall art.


Last on our list, Redbubble has 400,000 independent artists and sellers, giving you plenty of selection. Sellers are able to choose their own prices ($10-$20 seems to be the average per piece) and anyone with a creative side can upload and sell their work in print form.

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