Paint Colors for Your Zodiac Sign

Painting is the simplest way to update makeover a home. It’s relatively cheap and can be done by a professional or all by yourself, making it budget friendly. There are thousands of room colors to choose from, but if you want a color that will truly fit your personality, take into consideration the colors that match your personality according to your Zodiac sign.


Crimson is a great choice for an Aries, says astrologist Lisa Stardust. Crimson is a bright and energetic color that fits perfectly with the go-getter nature of an Aries. Crimson is also a shade of red, which is the color of the Aries’ planetary ruler, Mars.


An Earth sign, Taurus’ are often inspired by nature. Sage, an earthy tone, is both easy to decorate with and fitting for an earth sign. The soft green of sage serves to keep a Taurus grounded and in touch with their creative side.


Classic and clean, white is the perfect color for the bedroom or living room of a Gemini. Gemini’s are known for having a busy lifestyle, leaving little room for complicated paint jobs or over decorated walls.  White is a clean shade that offers the room simplicity and makes it appear brighter.


Known for being occasionally emotional, the calming tones of violet are ideal. Violet is a characteristically relaxing color that invigorates the chakras of the Cancer and keeps them relaxed, satisfied, and grounded.


Regal and sometimes known for having high expectations, Leo’s are signs that suit bold, rich colors such as dark purple. Dark purple is reminiscent to royalty and the sophistication within ancient castles, making it fitting for Leos.


Fans of simplicity and functionality, Virgos tend to choose colors that go with everything. That’s why soft, subdued colors like ice blue are perfect for them. Ice blue is simple and classic, but not as plain to look at as a basic white, making it just the color for Virgos.


Loving and forgiving, Libras need a room color that matches their caring personality. What better color than one that symbolizes love and affection? Champagne pink. This delicate color choice radiates feelings of love and sophistication.


Scorpio’s have two power colors: black and red. Maroon is the perfect combination of the two, making it an awesome option for redecorating. Along with being a power color mashup, maroon is also known to be an emotional color which is appealing to the passionate sides of Scorpios.


Bursting with obvious joy, the Sagittarius does well with happy go-lucky colors such as lime green. Lime green is playful and radiates happiness. Lime green is also fun to pair with black or other pops of bright colors to make for a stylistic design, which appeals to the Sagittarius creative side.


Capricorns are one of the more conservative signs. Because of this, grey tones are ideal for them as they aren’t too daring or bright, but can be used to create a peaceful living space that boasts style and comfort.


Creative and ruled by the blue planet, Uranus, Aquarius’ benefit from calming, basic colors such as light blue. The color allows this sign to be creative with room decor and inspires them to be innovative.


Pisces have the tendency to absorb the energy of the people around them- both positive and negative- which makes relaxing colors that are easy on the eyes ideal for this sign. Periwinkle is one of these colors, and can found in the homes of many Pisces’.

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