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Hottest Trends for the Baby Room

The year 2018 could be gifting you with a new baby, you never know. It’s very difficult decorating a new baby room especially if you have never done it before. You have a lot of questions to answer, like what kind of furniture is needed and so on. You need not worry since this year’s trends are what you need. Here are hottest trends for the baby room this fall.

1. Pottery and ceramics – ceramics have slowly been making statements in every room they have made, whether functional or just aesthetic, they help tie the room and make it look beautiful. You can use ceramics to store toys, bookshelves or even for hiding trash.

2. Pendants – these days, no designer is leaving any stone un-turned which means beautifying your ceiling. The pendant you choose will change everything in your room, so try and pick something you love. You can try something structured or very pretty.

3. Geometry – as weird as it may sound, geometry is today showing up everywhere in nurseries. It will avoid the room being very mushy or becoming like cotton candy.  Adding wall papers or art with a few geometric influences will help the baby’s room become clean, modern and also fresh.

4. Work with no rules – When you know you are expecting a baby, you get to experience a lot of stress and also becomes overwhelming, so its advised to step back and just breathe. Choosing decors or even preparing your baby’s room is supposed to be fun, not stressful. To avoid any stress, choose things you love and don’t look at the rules which guys say are supposed to be followed. It’s actually one of this year’s trends.

5. Cribs – they are the attraction of the room. From Alto crib to the Gradient crib, manufacturers have become very bold in creating cribs. They were only interested in wallpapers and walls but they are now focusing on bold designs for the crib also.

6. Neutrals – they are very calm, clean and most of all here to stay. The fall trends for this year also have neutrals through textures and not just paint. You can try natural wood which has become very popular and plus you can also add rugs, furniture and wallpaper to make it even better.

Modern designs will continue making a come back when it comes to your baby’s room. The styles of furniture have been trending because of their modern designs but its the first time that it is now showing in nurseries.