Ways To Prepare Your Home For Professional Carpet Cleaning


Thinking of having your carpets professionally cleaned? Awesome. Your carpets will thank you for it. However, there are a few things that you should do to prepare your carpet and your home in order to make the cleaning process go smoothly.

Rearrange or remove furniture.

Carpet cleaners are licensed and authorized to clean your carpets not move your furniture. The presence of unnecessary furniture that could be easily moved can be a hassle, causing an inconvenience for the cleaner and a less than perfect cleaning job- not to mention that furniture can get damaged during the process. Before your carpet cleaner comes, consider moving lamps, small coffee tables and stands, toy boxes, and light shelves off of the carpet that is to be cleaned. Tuck them away until the carpet has been cleaned dried thoroughly to avoid mold growth and furniture damage.

Do some decluttering.

Even the cleanest homes fall victim to clutter. A good way to prepare for your carpet cleaning, though, is to declutter. Pick up any shoes, kids toys, dog bones or beds, area rugs, and any other small, miscellaneous items that might be lingering on your carpet. Loose items can mean the difference between a good, deep clean, and a clean you could have done yourself. They can also be hazardous for the cleaner, causing him or her to trip.

Protect your valuables.

Although most carpet cleaning Surrey companies are honorable and wouldn’t dream of stealing from their clients’ homes, it’s never a bad idea to move your valuables to a safe place. Relocate anything you deem valuable to another room or temporarily house it in a safe if you want to be certain that nothing will happen. Some valuables to think about include jewelry and electronics, which are easy to disguise.

Even if you aren’t worried about your valuables being stolen, valuable items left in the open are also at risk for being damaged. Move important knick knacks, photos, and breakable items off of shelves or mantels to keep the safe.

Put the pets away.

Pets, like dogs, which often have free range of the home, will need to be moved out of the technician’s way so that he or she can effectively clean. Pets should be kept in another room or outside until the technician leaves to ensure the safety of all parties involved. Often times, cleaning companies use machines that are attached to large commercial trucks, which means that the front door or various windows will need to be open during the process, giving your pet the opportunity to escape.

Pets like birds and small rodents should be moved into a quieter space as they are easily frightened and can become stressed. You should also consider relocating fish tanks and terrariums to avoid having any accidents.

Preparing for a deep clean doesn’t have to be a daunting, day-long task.  You can impress your technician with your preparedness by acting on the simple suggestions above.

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